YouTube Monetization & Optimization Strategy PDF

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An overview about how powerful YouTube can be to build your brand and income. There are many intricacies to running an efficient channel, and I help break it down in easy to understand terms as well as help you to see the bigger picture. This is a digital download only, not a physical book.

"Isn't YouTube too saturated?"

"Is it too late to start a YouTube channel?"

"Can you REALLY make money with YouTube?"


This guide is structured for the beginners and the advanced.

There are very few that break down running a YouTube channel like I have in this guide, and I know because I have spent thousands of dollars buying multiple different courses and they always tend to leave something out. They either fly thru concepts too quickly, or omit them all together. 

This is the most comprehensive guide in my experience of giving you all the game. From content scheduling, to search engine optimization, to making money with only 100 subscribers or less, to growth strategies and hacks, and so much more. 

I really took my time with this course because I wanted to break everything down. If you don't eat, I don't eat, and I can't have that. 

So get ready to take hella notes and get excited because you can literally change your life with consistency and execution. The course is coming soon!

Let's Graduate That Bag!

Points covered:

  • How to schedule your content

  • Potential revenue streams

  • How much money you could make with different subscriber counts

  • Simple growth strategy

  • Includes a YouTube optimization checklist & more!